DIY Area Rug on a budget

This is a really easy fun project for anyone! I thought I’d make a quick tutorial to show you a simple easy way to make your own Area rug on a budget.

So I really wanted an Area rug for outside on my patio, so I shopped around to find something that I liked. I found so many beautiful rugs, but they were way out of my price range. So I asked myself, what is it about this rug that I like? I’m a pattern junkie, I love Bohemian and Moroccan patterns. I don’t know if you would call me cheap or just a DIY addict, but most of the stuff I see in the stores my first reaction is “Oh I could make that!” So that’s exactly what I did. I went to my local Home Depot store and bought a large canvas drop cloth, it cost me about $20. Compared to the rugs I was looking at, this was a great deal! AND I could design any pattern I wanted to make it my own. The size I chose was 5×7″, but you could go bigger or smaller depending on the size rug you want to make. 

To make your DIY Area rug your also going to need some fabric paints. I used paints by Fabric Creations, and you’ll need some Textile Medium. 

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What you need:

Let’s get to it!

DIY Area rug on a budget

I would recommend washing your canvas first, but since I’m impatient and was eager to start I skipped this step. After washing, take your iron and get as many of the wrinkles out as you can. I like things perfectly imperfect, so I wasn’t too worried about it. 

DIY area rug on a budget

Next, you’re going to take your paint and mix 2 parts Fabric paint to 1 part Textile Medium.  This will thin the paint out. You could also use Acrylic paint for this project if you don’t have fabric paint, I found these on clearance at Michael’s and had them laying around. 

DIY area rug on a budget

I wanted my main color Gray so I took a paint roller and lightly painted the entire canvas. Honestly, if I was to do this over again I would have left it the color of the canvas and used the design to make the colors pop. Painting the entire canvas made it super stiff and not very comfortable to walk on. 

DIY area rug on a budget

I decided to Freestyle my pattern, and I tried using a pencil to draw it out first but it wouldn’t show up very well with the dark gray paint.

DIY area rug on a budget

Have fun with this, because let’s face it,  you’ve only spent about $30 total on this as supposed to a  $100+ rug. 

Continue with your pattern, I decided to go for a whimsical floral henna type pattern. Is that even a thing? Oh well, it is now! lol 

DIY area rug on a budget

This is basically what the final project looked like. I repeated the moon pattern on the opposite end also. I wasn’t able to find my picture of the completed rug in my sea of photos. You know how that goes! After the rug dried out, I sprayed an adhesive glue on the back side of it and attached the non-slip rug backing. I decided to put this rug under a table I had sitting outside and it looked really nice. If I do this project again in the future I won’t be making a base color so the rug can remain somewhat softer to walk on. You could have so much fun with this project, the possibilities are endless! I’ve seen amazing ideas on Pinterest where some crafters used a shower curtain, or to make it even easier a patterned fabric piece. 

DIY are rug on a budget

Unfortunately, the winds here in Vegas are ferocious at times and they messed my rug up, even after I had taped it to the patio. I’d love to see your projects if you decide to make this area rug! Happy Crafting!!

DIY area rug on a budget
DIY area rug on a budget

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