Virgo Approved Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies

If you know anything about Virgos, you know that a majority of us are CLEAN FREAKS! I know for me I have a hard time focusing on anything if the house is messy so I sometimes end up spending my entire day cleaning instead of working. Then by the time I’m done cleaning I’m too tired to do anything else. I’m also a control freak, there I said it! I would rather do everything myself and complain about it later than have to wait for someone else to do it. In my household, I may end up waiting days for someone to clean something up that’s bothering me. So I feel like I only have control over two things in my world, MY HAIR and MY HOUSE. This is just my odd logic that goes on inside my brain. I can always cut or color my hair to make a change and I can control how clean my house is, usually. Unfortunately, this means that those are the two things that I OBSESS over, and quite possibly drive my family nuts over! I’m constantly changing my hair and being super indecisive about it, and lately, I feel like all I do is complain about a messy house.  Hey, I’m workin on it! haha We all have our quirks, right? 

Virgos are also very calculated in a majority of the decisions we make. We will make lists upon lists of things we want to accomplish. We also spend a lot of time researching EVERYTHING! At least I know that’s true in my case, hence the name of my blog (The Inquisitive Virgo). I want to know WHY, WHAT, HOW, WHEN, WHERE, & HOW MUCH etc etc…. I have stacks and stacks of notebooks, journals, and random notes written on papers scattered all over my studio. 

I’m not saying this is solely a Virgo thing by any means, I can only speak for myself. If you’ve read my bio you know that I’m also a crunchy granola.

crunchygranola. [kruhn-chee-gruh-noh-luh] adjective Slang. characterized by or defining oneself by ecological awareness, liberal political views, and support or use of natural products and health foods.

For most of my life I have been aware of the environmental poisons that surround us, (yes I was a member of Greenpeace when I turned 20 and almost got arrested picketing against a Nuclear Power Plant in Michigan). Anyways, as I get older and research deeper I have found out more than I honestly want to know about the ingredients in our food, bath and beauty products, and of course the topic of discussion today, Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies. WHY? Because most of the ingredients in our everyday products contain nasty chemicals, irritants, and hormone-disrupting additives. It’s quite disturbing to me that we can’t trust the companies making and selling these products to us, but unfortunately, that’s the way it is. This is why I believe it’s so important to be PROACTIVE in everything we do. Instead of waiting until we have issues with our hormones, develop skin conditions or worse, we can take things into our own hands now. I could delve deep into this subject, but I’m going to keep it simple for today. Plus I think it’s important that people do a majority of the research themselves, this will have a bigger impact on your decisions on how to move forward. There are many websites you can find to help you on this journey to help you make informed choices on what products you bring into your home and essentially use on your bodies. We have been made to believe that we’re dirty and our houses are dirty and we need to BLEACH everything! Well, that’s not the case and it’s harming not only us but our environment as well. I’ve been watching Adam Ruins Everything on Netflix lately, and he has an informative, amusing way of debunking a lot of the things we have been fooled to believe. I enjoy this show because he’s not just sharing his opinion or throwing out “facts”, he actually lists sites with references where he’s found the information so you can do more research for yourself. Here’s a link to his episode about Hygiene. 

I’m not here to tell you what to do or how to live by any means. I simply want to share healthier alternatives. When you know better, you do better. I used to be someone who used Bleach, Comet and all of the other abrasive chemicals out there thinking the stronger it was the better it would clean. When I started learning more about how the chemicals and fragrance in products accumulate over time in my body that’s when I woke up. I don’t know about you but if I can be proactive in my health instead of waiting for something bad to happen for me to change I’m gonna do it. I’ve also noticed the more chemicals I eliminate from my little world, the more sensitive I am to those chemicals when I come across them. I feel like I detoxed my senses! I have a hard time being around people that use tons of perfume, body spray, and harsh detergents. You start to realize how powerful those chemicals really are, and harmful at that. People complain about second-hand smoke, but what about second-hand VOC’s? Is that a thing? Because I think it needs to be! 

Virgo Approved Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies

I know that it’s a pain in the booty to read the label of every product that you buy, especially if you’re toting around little ones when you shop. That can become quite a time-consuming process, and who honestly wants to spend two hours at the grocery store? It is also pretty confusing, I know I have personally bought items that I thought were “all natural” and later found out I was duped by “greenwashing”.  Unfortunately some companies will have pretty Green labeling, plaster the words “All Natural” all over the bottle, but what they don’t reveal are the toxic chemicals that are also included in the product and/or their manufacturing process that is so bad for the environment it’s honestly pointless to buy that GREEN product in the first place. Good news is we are learning together and SHARING what we’ve learned! According to statistics found on Statista, there are over 2.34 billion people who use Social Media nowadays. Could you imagine if even half of those people were sharing things they are learning about how to live an eco-friendly healthier lifestyle? I mean WOW! That’s why I feel like it’s important to share my research with you! I’m doing the research for my family and myself anyway so why not share it with others.

I’m not only going to share a few of my all time FAVORITE Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies, but I also want to share with you a few handy Apps you can download to help you while your shopping. This first App is pretty handy! It’s called SKINSAFE This App is FREE with an in-app purchase. It’s user-friendly and very descriptive! 

Virgo Approved Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies

This is the screen you will see once you download the App. I decided to try it out on some products my daughter bought the other day. It took a matter of seconds to scan the bar code on the tube of makeup. 

Then a screen popped up, telling me how safe the product is and gives it a % rating on how Allergen free it is. 

When you tap the Red Allergen Icon it lists the top Allergens and if this certain product contains any of the Allergens listed.  You can also choose certain Allergens you may be allergic to and search for products that are free of those Allergens. So far I’m really liking how easy it is to use as well as the endless amount of information they provide on the products.

Virgo approved eco-friendly cleaning supplies



  • Handy to have 
  • Extensive search tools to find certain products that you use
  • The ability to save Favorite products to keep up to date with new information


So far I haven’t found any

Another FREE App is THINKDIRTY Which also allows you to scan UPC barcodes to find out what ingredients are in your products. These App rates products on a scale from 0-10 with 10 being the WORST! THINKDIRTY gives you information about Bath & Beauty and Household cleaning products. 

Virgo approved eco-friendly cleaning supplies

I scanned the same item and they weren’t able to find it, so I just decided to find a product by the same company for demonstration purposes. After you scan your item’s barcode this screen pops up with a number rating from 0-10 and it’s also color coded.
 RED being the worst with product’s ingredients that have potentially serious negative long-term health effects and bright GREEN being the best product that does not contain any ingredients which have a documented potential negative health impact.  They also give you an option to see their recommendations.

Virgo approved eco-friendly cleaning supplies



  • Think Dirty’s intentions are wonderful! We need more people creating apps that help us weed through these products to find safer alternatives. 
  • The current category list is extensive as far as Bath, Beauty and Household products go. 


  • I scanned my ECO’s Laundry Detergent and it wasn’t in their database which isn’t a major issue, because they allow you to add it so they can do further investigation. 
  • The products that they suggest instead of the “Dirty” ones listed are mostly high end and very costly. That’s enough to deter anyone who is a new “GREEN” shopper. 
  • Preservatives: If a product contains a preservative Think Dirty scores the product higher. What needs to be understood, is that when a company makes a product with water as an ingredient they must contain a preservative to prevent bacterial growth. 

Another App that I discovered while watching the Kardashians, ya ya I know you either Love them or Hate them and I just so happen to be someone who has watched them from the beginning and just adore them all. It’s literally the only Reality show I watch what can I say? Anyhow, it’s called Healthy Living and you can find this in the App store also. Their food scores rate more than 80,000 foods, 5,000 ingredients, and 1,500 brands.

Virgo approved eco-friendly cleaning supplies

This is what the Home page looks like after you download and open up the Healthy Living App. It’s very straight-forward. You can scan a products barcode or browse for a specific item similar to the other Apps. 

I decided to scan the foundation that I’ve been using that I’m really happy with. It’s made by Pacifica and they showed a rating of 1 which I’m very happy about. 

Healthy Living


  • I like that they offer information about Food on here as well as Beauty products, that way I don’t have to exit the App to go into another one.
  • EWG has been around for decades launching in 1992 


  • So far I honestly don’t have anything to add here 

In my opinion, we’re never going to be 100% toxic free in our homes, but we do have a choice in what we bring into our home and that’s when it becomes our responsibility. There are wonderful eco-friendly companies out there who are not trying to just make a profit off of us and I would like to share my favorite cleaning products with you. 

The Honest Company Laundry Packs – 50 Count
from: The Green Life The Honest Company Floor Cleaner – Grapefruit Grove – 26 Fl Oz
from: The Green Life The Honest Company Dish Soap – Coastal Surf – 24 Fl Oz
from: The Green Life The Honest Company Toilet Cleaner – Coastal Surf – 24 Fl Oz
from: The Green Life Seventh Generation Auto Dish Packs – Free And Clear – 20 Count
from: The Green Life Seventh Generation Dish Liquid – Lemongrass And Clementine Zest – 25 Oz
from: The Green Life Seventh Generation Disinfecting Wipes Lemongrass And Citrus – 70 Wipes
from: The Green Life

All of these products Rank below a 3 and most of them rank at ZERO, so you can rest easy knowing you’re using safe products. I also mix up White Vinegar, Lemon juice and Water in a spray bottle and use that to clean a lot of my surfaces. I’ve found myself gravitating towards the Think Dirty and Healthy Living Apps more than the Skin Safe one so far, but I plan on using all of them when I am out shopping. Do you use any of the Apps I mentioned? Which one is your favorite?

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