Hi there! I’m Heather. Welcome to the random things that go on inside my head. I am a Mother, a Wife, a Grandmother & Sister. I’m a Virgo who is obsessed with researching everything that piques my curiosity. I focus mainly on Health & Wellness topics sharing all of my research, and what has worked for me.  Crunchy Granola describes me quite well. I am an Artist, Herbalist and a Jane of all trades. My dream is to own a few acres of land with a huge herb & vegetable garden, buy some chickens, and live a simple life. Until then, I am creating my herbal oasis in the desert in Las Vegas Nevada. 

I’m here to share my personal stories, posts about self-care, positivity, herbalism, equality, self-improvement, and life in general. I had a hard time summing up what to expect here from me. Jamming everything into a box with a pretty bow is not my strong suit. I’m straight-forward, random and very passionate about living a holistic lifestyle. 

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